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At glue, it all starts with our founder, Roy Krantz.


Do you need to create or expand your web presence?  Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s talk. The first hour is free. We'll see if we like each other and if what glue has to offer is something you want and are willing to pay for. 


We can start with something simple (see below), and as your wants and needs expand, we’ll introduce you to a team that can get you where you want to be.


Spend some time exploring our site. Get an idea of what we do. If it seems right for you, please shoot us an eMail or give a call.






by Roy Krantz

I create very easy-to-maintain websites for those of you wanting to get your business online or would want to have a personal or family website....


When I built a site for my renovation hobby I got so many compliments on it, I ended up doing one for my daughter Jess and another for my Pilates trainer Julie. What's exciting about this is that when I finished, it took less than 2 hours to train them how to maintain and grow their own sites.


Some of you may already have a site and others probably don't have any idea why you'd want one. But if you don't think you have the skills needed to create and keep a site up to date... or you don't want to pay a website developer to keep it current for you...

I solved that problem. I build portfolio web sites with an excellent template-based website building tool that allows me to create eye-catching, clean sites and turn them over to you to maintain, change and add to. There is no coding or programming to do.


More and more people are creating websites... a great way to grow your business or turn your hobby into something more... or get personal with a website to share family photos, recipes and memories, or to just help people keep in touch.

What would you put on YOUR website?

A Sampling of Websites Created by Roy Referred client  Referred client Referred client Referred client Referred client Referred client My personal website/blog My renovation hobby    My Pilates trainer My daughter Jessica’s site Referred client