Roy Krantz


Much of Roy’s life has been spent around computers… from early photo-typesetting days in the 1970s and 80s to networking many businesses and law firms in the Boston area to his community-building efforts since the 90s. He started glue in 1996 as a community change agent and helped it morph into what it is today.


His work over the past 40 years gives him a unique perspective in understanding both the limits and potential of technology. Even today, there are many who choose not to go there. No eMail. No Facebook. No iPhone. Some may still even have typewriters. Very powerful words and ideas still come out of typewriters. For those of you who choose to live without a lot of tech toys, we understand. But the rest of us need technology, and probably a little guidance going forward….


For those of you wanting to stay current but aren’t quite sure what all this technology is about, Roy would like to help. Let’s take a look at your life… business or personal… whatever is most important to you. We’ll ask some questions that should point us in the right direction.