Jamie Bradley





Jamie Bradley is the founder of Sophwell, a marketing production company specializing in print and product sourcing for creative people. He has over thirty years of experience working in marketing, production, and printing for large clients like Fidelity, John Hancock and Heidelberg, as well as helping countless small businesses promote their company.


Jamie always seems to come up with the right creative idea and finds effective solutions to translate those ideas into products you can hold in your hand. His ability to offer constructive input throughout different phases of the development and implementation process helps clients produce more attractive and cost-effective promotions.


He works with companies to help them streamline production and distribution of their marketing materials by creating online platforms for print on demand services along with online stores for company branded promotional materials. He also helps businesses integrate mobile messaging into their marketing strategies.


Jamie has won numerous industry awards both locally and internationally, and was selected to run the first education session on variable data printing ever offered by the New England Direct Marketing Association at their annual conference.