Creative Solutions for Today’s Changing Marketplace

glue started as a small one-person company to assist individuals and small businesses discover the Internet and help determine how much to re-orient their marketing presence to the Web.


It is important to not lose sight of your main goals. Major shifts in strategy require careful planning and timed execution. To that end, glue has assembled a tight-knit association of professionals who will brainstorm your message. We’ll outline a strategy, starting with your website and, when you’re ready, build out from there... reaching new audiences, using new media and new tactics.


Are you ready? Let’s get some answers to those nagging questions.  Oh, what’s that you say? “What marketing plan? Where to start? How much do I need to spend to get started? And how much will it really cost to do it right?“


If you’re already on your way, we are happy to work with your existing web developers and/or harness the talents of our amazing team of designers, writers and marketing consultants to customize an effective solution for you. Good design and strong content will make sure your site delivers the right message. Then we’ll bring new clients and customers to it with Search Engine Optimization that ensures your site stands out from your competitors on the web..


Step back… take a look at what you do to stay connected to your customers. Do we need to reposition your business to take best advantage of our changing economy? Do you have the right team in place to do what needs to be done?


Let glue help.You can afford your own advertising and marketing agency.


We connect talented people. We’re good at that. Now we would like to share them with you. Our consortium brings together very creative minds that have worked in the corporate world and have established themselves independently outside of it. This unusual, yet highly effective structure keeps us fresh and vibrant.

Working in this exciting and dynamic environment is why we love what we do. It keeps us on our toes. And when we enjoy our work, you, the client, get rewarded with a unique imaginative solution.


We’re ready to grow your business. Are you?